Commercial Flood Insurance

Struggling with Commercial Flood Insurance?

As we continue to see extreme weather events the effects of storms and major floods in the UK are having devastating emotional and financial consequences.

40% of UK SMEs don’t reopen after catastrophic flooding. That’s way too high. FloodFlash’s mission is simple: to help more people recover from flooding using parametric insurance

Parametric insurance is a little different to traditional insurance. FloodFlash attach their smart sensor onto your property to measure the depth of water. You choose where you place the sensor and your parameters–the depth of your triggers, and how much FloodFlash pay out in the event of those triggers being hit. If water reaches the pre-agreed depth, FloodFlash sends you the money within days. Watch their handy 80-second explainer video FloodFlash | How it works – YouTube

FloodFlash have already helped thousands of businesses facing high excesses, rising premiums, and exclusions get affordable flood cover. With many insurers excluding flood, increasing premiums, or applying significant excesses, FloodFlash are another option that we at Vision Insurance Services Ltd can provide. We can support you in choosing your cover to make sure you have the flood protection you need.

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